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The moring came as the sun came streaming across the room. As I awoke I felt the touch of a dogs tounge sliding down and into my butt and then up around my cock. I layed back and the dog went o work giving me a good moring licking. I heard noises coming from the other rooms and suspected that the others were also saying "good morning"to thier furry bed warmers. A short time went by,when I heard Jody yell out,"breakfast,come and get it". As I walked out the bedroom door,my friend Gary,came out of his room as well. With the dogs in tow,we went downstairs to join Jody for some breakfast. It was a beautiful morning and comfortably warm out. Jody had made a light breakfast and as we sat back having our coffee she asked how our night was . Gary said that he had work on his female for a while and then had good nights sleep. I said I had done bascically the same thing,but I positioned myself such that I had my cock part way in her butt,for comfort. Jody said that her male normaly lays right on top of her and she has trained both the males,so that they both will drop thier cock down and all she does is get her hand in between and position his cock to slide inside her. She said it is great as when he does it,I push into him a bit more and then wrap my legs around him. We do have to reposition ourselves a few times a night but it nice. I asked her,what if your on your stomach? Thats great as well,she said,as he crawls on top of me and I can feel his hard cock being dragged up along my legs and when he is close I reach back and get a hold of his cock and move it into the rigt spot. I then give him the comand to lie down and he does,I've got a nice fur blanket for the night. Jody then said,well it's time to go out and check on the horses,wanna come see? Gary and I both said sure. Jody went over towards the door and put on her running shoes,nothing else,so we did the same. As we were going out the door,Jody said to us,you do'nt have to worry about someone seeing us,in the raw,as the nearest neighbor is over 20 miles away. Besides the dogs will alert me if they sense anybody in range. That's how I knew long before you showed up,someone was close by. With the dogs following we made our way down to the small barn and corral. Alnong the way the one male went over to a tree and lifted his leg,as I had to go as well,I joined him. I saw Gary also follow the other male towards another tree. When I met up with Gary,he said that Jody had found a bush,in need. Upon reaching the barn,the horses were nickering,looking for thier breakfast.It was now 7:30 am. We helped her with the feeding and Jody introduced us to her little herd. As they were munching thier hay,Jody walked us around through the herd. I noticed a nice mare and went to investigate her. I started to make friends with the mare and she was curious about me. I let her her sniff me all over. Jody said to me that the mare was still in heat. The mare moved her head down and when she reached my cock,now getting hard,her nose stopped. I watched as her tounge came out and before I knew it,was between my legs and moving up. I had to brace myself,as the mare almost knocked me on the ground. Both Gary and Jody started to laugh. Jody sai,well I see tyou've made a new friend. The mare then turned and without hesitation she had her butt towards me and her tail was going up. Jody called over,she's a horny girl,I play with her a lot. You and Gary give her a good pounding and after your finished we'll go for a ride. I said,that sounds great. Gary came over,with a bucket. I was rubbing the mares butt and she spread her legs and started to drip. I got the bucket positioned and when I got up on it,I started to work on her. What a way to get to know your horse and to build a bond. I pounde on her and when I finshed,I did'nt pull out right away. I could feel the cum oozing around my cock seeking a passege out. Impuuled out a bit and as I did,the cum found a way out and was oozing down between my legs. I pushed back in tight against her butt and move my cock around inside her some more. As I got down,two of the dogs were on me like "grease lightening". They wer licking ever bit of "the mess"up. Gary was up on that bucket before I got down and I watched as he pounded her again. Jody was right,this mare was "horny". I noticed that her milk sacks were a good size and called over to Jody and asked if the mare would be ok with being sucked? She called back saying,that mare is used to takong orphaned foals. I normaly suck her,so she'll be happy to get the relif. I went over and got a small bucket of warm water and a cloth and as Gary was doing his thing,I got under her and started to gently wash her teets clean. The mare stood perfectly still,as the warm water felt good. I then positioned myself and got my mouth around the one nipple and started to suck. As I did I felt the milk dripping down my chin. It was warm and delious. As I took a break,I noticed Jody. She's tastey is'nt she? I said,yep. Without hesitation,I started to suck on her again and Jody got into it as well on the other teet. I finnaly broke off and Gary had dismounted the mare. It did'nt take him long and he was under the mare having a drink too. To be continued
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