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Hello all... I have decided to try something new in here ... A add on story of Girls on Girls and adding doggie to the excitement..First of all I trust this post will be ok and not breaking any rules... I just got inspired to do this here we go....I have been chatting back and forth with the Lovely Fantasy and the Sexy BitchSlave about girl on girl fun and adding doggies too..I love the idea of girls getting together and exploring each other... Please guys don't get me wrong this is not about knocking you guys ... I love men too....but this is about for me anyway with the desire I have to spend time making love with women..I have had some experaince with women and usally have had men there too.. It becomes about the men... I want to be able to explore women and my desires without men in the room.. I am so turned on my women's bobies... I love tits and nipples... I would have to say I am A BOOBIE GIRL.. Tits turn me on so much that at the sight of a good pair I get all horny and want to suck them..Then there is wet juicy pussies far out I love the feel,smell and taste of a woman who is hot,horny and wanting another woman to touch,taste and feel her... I love to think of a woman as a blossoming flower.. budding and willing to grow as you turn her on... I love to nibble on her neck.. kiss her passionately, play with her tongue with mine, lick and suck her tits with such passion... love to feel her body arch as you excite her whole body mind and soul..really taking the time to explore all of her folds..Licking all the way down her body as she ures you down...down to her waiting flower pettles..I lick her pubic mound and the folds around her yet to blossom flower start to glisson.. I take the tip of my tongue and trace the folds of her pettles of her budding flower... It opens for me and becons me in.. I use only the tip of my tongue to open the bud and I find the inner folds of this lushish flower I nibble your clit and you moan softly.. arch your back and push your flower into my face You are now coming to full blossom.. the sweet scent and taste of your exotic flower turns me on even more... I lick you slowly and up and down your flower..drink your essence ...reach as far as I can with my tongue to the center of your being... your creative pull me in closer now... your flower is getting ready to explode... Cumming into full blossom..I feel your orgasm building from deep in your soul... I take time not missing a thing... I feel your hands on the top of my head pushing me in deeper..then I feel you start to really squirm... I start licking you faster with long wet slurps of my tongue mmmm you start to stiffen and you really push on my head now... You taste so aweosme as you start to cum... I lick and suck you with all I have now... Your riding the waves of pleasure as I lick you into a frenzy... you now taste,feel and look like a flower in full bloom...and in all our glory...I slow down my licking allowing you to catch our breath... as you do ... I call in Sunny my pet male black lab..he has been eagerly waiting at the door for me to invite him in... I see his pink tip sticking out of his sheath... he is smelling the scent of wet horny women and wants to play.. You do not realize I have called him in as you are still on a orgasmic high... I hold my fingers to him he licks and I guide them to your wet juciy pussy.. he starts straight away licking say to your licking me full on again now...and I say its not me sweetheart that licking you right now... you look up shocked as your not sure who is licking you... ooooooooh you are excited to know it's Sunny licking you into another argasmic frenzy... It does not take him long as your were already on a high...I play with his now hard dog's cock to get him ready for you my dear... OMG I love to pleasure you like this...and now I help Sunny by putting my hands under your hips and flip you onto you knees... you are driven wild by his tongue you go with what I am thing you know Sunny has mounted you and I help guide him into your now blossomed flower.. You need to be filled my dear...Sunny knows what to do.. he fuc#s you for all he is are crying out for him to fill you are pushing back as he trusts forward... I play with your tits and nipples and your wet juicy clit... you screem out in pleasure and pain... Fine line between both !!!! However you say don't let him stop fuc#ing me.. I love it all you start howling like a wolf... you are no stop cumming now..Sunny starts to howl now too... you feel him filling you up and swelling up inside you now...he is fuc#ing you so fast now...then he explodes inside feel hot dogs cum filling you up and spilling out of you a little... his knott is fully keeping the pressure on you...are are now crying with pure preasure and bliss, I touch your clit and you go wild...Sunny now almost still on you now...but knotted fully so you two are one.. !!!! I tell you that you look like a angel in heaven... a dreamy look apon your face...full of exterasy.. I caress you all over tell Sunny he is a good boy for pleasing you ..he is panting with a smile on his face too...The whole 15 mins he is knotted in you I play with your clit and nipples... then I turn myself around to have my wet juicy pussy in front of you...while you are still full of Sunny's cock I ask you to please help me relieve my tension as I am about to burst... You wllingly lick my juicy pussy and have me cumming in no time flat... I then hop up and share a passionate kiss with you and taste my own sweetness on your lips... not sooner this happens when Suuny's cock pops out of you with a slurping sound...Sunny licks you clean and you cum again from his attention given to your raw pussy.. Dog's cum floods the floor...lucky I had a towel near by.. you lay on your back while Sunny goes and lays down and licks his cock clean.. I run some dog's cum all over your tummy and watch you come back from the heavenly space you have been in... YOU say to me...thank you so much for helping me blossom... And I say MY PLEASURE!!! I help you to your feet..and to the shower and bathe you and then I whisper in your ear.... guess what sweetheart the girls are coming over know them sexy girls like Fantasy, BitchSlave, Sexy S, Whiskers, Sam, Draconiwulf and BabBabe.. and other girls they may find along the way that want to share time with each other and have fun with Sunny too... What do you recken... you muster a big grin and say awesome!!!!! SO CUM ON DOWN GIRLS AND SHARE WHAT YOU WISH TO HAPPEN WHILE WOMEN ARE ENJOYING WOMEN BEING TOGETHER AND ENJOYED A MALE DOG WHO IS SO WILLING TO PLEASE!!! I hope you like this fantasy story I have just written Inspired by two sexy women Fantasy and BitchSlave turns you on and inspires you to share here!! I know this story has cum straight from my soul as typed as It came to mind.. !!! please excuse any spelling mistakes.. When I get excited misspell things heheh My hands dont keep with with the thoughts too well sometimes hahaah Let know please what you think of this fantasy!!!*huggles* and *kisses* to all Blessings all k9_goddess
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