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hope you enjoy ; ), a true story! this story is fresh from the paddock, it all happened lastnight!'My Encounter With The Horsey Kind'lastnight after school i went for a walk down the back of our small farm, crossed the mudflats and got down to the forrest by the ocean. i hadnt been down here in years i knew what was there, just bush, kiwifruit vines, and a few paddocks, i didnt really know what i was there for but i just felt like a walk. i emerged from the vines to look down a steep hill at the bottom was a small paddock with six horses in it, i was shocked i had never known that there was horses here, i walked down to them to befriend the big animals, the first one to befriend was this beautiful chestnut mare after a few pats i moved on, the other horses were fairly timid, but i suceeded in friending all but one, i giant stallion which never seemed to mix with the other horses. i returned to the mare, with crazy ideas racing in my head.. i had always wished to experiment with horses since i was really young (about 13) slowly i stroked the mares back i slipped my hand down to her tail and searched for her lips, i had a bonner bigger than any i had had over a human girl!! lol, she arched her tail insisting that i got further, finaly my finger found the insides of her moist lips, moving my finger around scanning unchartered territories, her lips began to twitch and her pussy muscles contracted, i checked her face and body signals just so not to do anything that she didnt want, but everything i picked up was pure pleasure so i proceeded pushing my fingers deeper i pulled them out and had a smell, then i quickly ate her out but my penis knew exactly what he wanted to do and couldnt hold back the urge i pulled down my pants and pushed my boner btween her lips, but i was too short, i solved the problem with a large log, i moved her there, stood on it and inserted myself and off i went, she procceded to have vaginal contactions adding to my pleasure and within about 5 minutes i cummed she pivited her hips and strongly contracted her vagina down on my penis, she let out a horsey sigh and didnt move slowly i pulled myself out, i continued to explore her vagina after that with my fingers, she had had some kind of orgasm too and was dripping a greyish clear liquid from her pussy. but quickly we both lost interest in each other, her more interested in grass and me searching for more horses, i turned around and noticed the huge stallion was diretly behind me, with a challenging glare, probally pissed off that i had just rooted his mare, i approached him anyway still fairly timid he began to back off but i persisted in befriending him after a hour or two we were coupled he alowed me to pat him but didnt like to be scratched, i moved my hand down his ribs, past his abdomen and right under his pelvis, my hand touched this large hot soft wrinkly lump i then cupped it with a hand and began to jack him off quickly he got a giant bonner and i gave a quick hand job then i moved to oral but he was uneasy and i pulled out, his nob had flared out and soft to the touch but was hard and stiff it was too big to fit in my mouth his whole penis was about as long as my forearm and just as thick, scared at what i had just done, (got a giant stallion horny as!) worried at what he would do to my insides i thought i would be best to retreat and went for the gate, but as bent over to pick up my shorts i felt his presence over me next thing he tries to mount me but it falls to peices because of his sheer size and weight and my small size, he collapsed on me, crushing me his chest pinning me down but still he persisted in trying to fuck me, i was trapped and he knew it, i felt him force his penis into my ass, the pain was incredible, like having a baseball bat just shoved up there but i was soo horny and pumped with adrenaline i let him do it slowly he edged himself in, i used my spit as lube and he proceeded to rape me, it felt so good i had always fantasised about it and never thought it was possible, he was thrusting so hard going deeper and deeper after a few minutes the thrusts died down get softer and less often then finally i felt this enormous pressure and warmth inside me as he ejaculated his hot cum sprayed out my ass and down my thighs over my balls and down my cock slowly he shrunk and flopped out with a slurp and a pop and more cum gushed out he stood up and walked a few feet away i lay there completely tired and sore. by now it was dark and cold i new i had to go home i had school in the morning, i wanted to stay there and get fucked all night but reluctantly i left, planning for what i will do next time ; )havent been able to sit down since then!
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