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Gotta love idle sex fantasies when you should be working!I had a fantasy that I had been knocked out and kidnapped, taken to a barn, where I would be shackled to a wall and have dozens of calves poking at my body, slurping and suckling my penis as though it were a mother's teat. They would happily slurp up the thick warm liquid that would squirt all over their snouts and on their nostrils. If I did a good job I would get to sleep with the piggies in the sty and if I were really good, I would get bend over a rack, chained and let the horny boars roam all over me trying to mount me, poking, prodding, being rough and beastial and sniffing all over my exposed body.On a good night I'd get to have a face full of large boar balls to bury my face in and quiet obidient boars that will let me lay with them and stroke their sheaths until they let loose that lovely spiral penis of theirs, for me to lick on and rub against my own.My ultimate reward in the end would be getting to live in with the pigs and slowly transforming into one over time, mounting the sows, or even the other boars or any curious people that came along and wished to be transformed as well!Just another regular day in my head.
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