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This was the day, Deidre decided. This was the day she was going to lie down under Horny, her unicorn and take his big cock into her. She had been cumming from his tongue in her pussy and fucking herself on his horn for some time, but it just didn’t seem to satisfy her anymore. His horn was long and thick enough but it was cold, not warm like Horny’s cock and his horn wouldn’t fill her with his cum the way his cock would. Deidre was very familiar with Horny’s semen because she had sucked him off every time she felt a need to go and see him and get herself off on his tongue and his horn. She really liked the feel and the taste of his warm cum flooding her mouth and she was sure it would feel even better flooding her pussy.She would still get herself off on his tongue because it was long and thick and felt so incredibly good the way it moved around inside her. Horny was able and more than willing to penetrate per pussy with the tip of his tongue and push it in almost six inches. Once it was inside her, he moved it around, massaging inside and giving her incredible orgasms because he so much enjoyed the taste of her juices. Deidre had no intention of giving up being pleasured by her unicorn’s tongue but she had decided to take his cock into her pussy instead of his horn.Unicorns are far and away the most intelligent of all equines and when Horny tasted the doughnuts in his feed bin, he knew what it meant, or thought he did and was very happy about it. He liked to please his mistress and he knew she would do something very pleasant for him also. Deidre divided her unicorn’s food into two portions, the first one for right away and the second one for after the sex. As he ate, she fondled his cock and thought of how much fun the two of them were going to have.When the food bin was empty, Deidre kissed the big cock, which had stiffened from her handling. “Don’t go away,” she told it. “Mama will be back soon.”When Mama returned she was carrying a bottle of olive oil and the wooden bench she kept for her sex sessions with Horny. The bench was smooth and polished because Deidre didn’t want to get any splinters while squirming around, being pleasured by Horny, either his tongue or cock. After setting the bench in front of him, she removed all her clothing and lay on her back, one foot on the ground on either side.They had done this before; Horny knew what was expected of him and enjoyed doing it. In anticipation of what was going to be happening, Deidre’s pussy juices were flowing heavily and Horny stepped forward and started licking them from the insides of her thighs. Deidre lay quietly, her whole pubic area available for the long, supple tongue of her faithful unicorn. After he finished pleasuring the soft flesh of her inner thighs, Deidre spread her legs more so he could lick the front of her pussy. As Horny enjoyed the taste of his mistress, she enjoyed the feel of his rapidly-moving tongue.“That’s it Horny; good boy,” Deidre urged him as he licked up the delicious fluid. The more he licked, the more her juices flowed, and the more there was for Horny to enjoy. Fortunately for Deidre, and what she knew would happen, Horny licked up her juices faster than her pussy could produce them and, when there were none on the outside, he went after the source. His long, thick, almost prehensile tongue squeezed inside her and the tip moved around to taste what was there, withdrew to convey it to his lips and thrust back inside for more. He was just enjoying a tasty treat but his thick, wet tongue, surging in and out of her pussy was quickly bringing his mistress to peaks of pleasure. “Yes! Yes! Lick my pussy!” she squealed joyfully, her fingers massaging her clit to augment what her unicorn’s tongue was doing. “Lick me, Horny, lick my pussy.” He didn’t understand her words but he knew he was doing something she liked and would be rewarded later so he continued thrusting his tongue in and out of her. Besides that, Horny really liked the taste of his mistress’s juices so nothing but good was coming his way that morning.Nothing but good was coming Deidre’s way too as she writhed on the bench, her ass rocking from side to side and her pussy fucking up against the unicorn’s tongue and her own fingers. “I’m cumming; I’m cumming,” she cried out. Her arms flailed at her sides; her pussy continued to fuck up to meet Horny’s tongue and her thighs and ass bounced up and down on the bench but not enough to dislodge the long, thick organ that was driving her to ecstasy. She continued cumming for over a minute until Deidre climaxed, the muscles in her back and hips suddenly jerking, thrusting her pussy up against Horny’s face. He started back, pulling his tongue out at the abrupt movement but quickly realized he had nothing to fear. Not only was there nothing to fear, there was a lot of delicious juices to gain so he returned and licked them off his mistress’s pussy. Deidre lay quietly on the bench, enjoying the feel of his tongue and thinking of the giant step she was going to take next.When she was ready, she picked up the bench and put it under Horny. The open bottle of olive oil was left under the bench to keep it from being kicked over. Her estimate had been correct; she could lie on her back and her pussy would be at the right height for Horny’s cock to do what she wanted. Her pussy, which had earlier been licked clean by Horny, started to lubricate at the thought of what she was about to do.Besides their intelligence, of all equines, unicorns are the most docile and affectionate toward their owners, which is why they are so popular as pets. Although only slightly smaller than horses, their cocks, although huge by human standards, are small enough that some women can accommodate one of them. This and their docility, and their horns are some of the reasons they are so popular among single females. Deidre was one of those single females and she intended to find out more about the cock of a unicorn. First, however, she had to prepare him. He had enjoyed the taste of her pussy juices but they were not erotic to him as they would have been to a man, and his cock had partly softened, although it was still outside its sheath. Kneeling beside him, Deidre covered her hands with the oil and gently stroked the thick member until it started to stiffen again. This only took a few seconds because Horny remembered what had happened to his cock previously when his mistress had knelt under him like she was doing then, and he expected more of the same.While continuing to fondle the unicorn’s cock, Deidre started licking the tip, much as she had done in the past. When he felt her tongue on such a sensitive place, Horny stamped his hind feet and started fucking his cock into her hands. “Good boy, Horny. Fuck my hands for now, my pussy in a minute.” Still holding his cock, Deidre leaned over so she would be able to take his cock into her mouth as far as she could. She had done this before and, to the degree he could anticipate anything, Horny expected his mistress to suck him off the same way. In the past, she had brought him to a climax in her mouth after fucking herself on his horn but today would be different.With juices dripping from her pussy down both legs, Deidre lay on her back on the bench, letting his cock slide back and forth between her hand and her belly. “That’s good,” she told him. Keep fucking.” There was no expectation that she would be understood but her voice had a calming effect on the unicorn and encouraged her to continue the experiment.Flexing her legs, she pushed herself farther down on the polished bench so Horny’s cock pressed up against her pussy with each stroke. The cock of a unicorn, like other equines, is fairly blunt at the end, not bullet-shaped like that of a human, with flaps of skin surrounding the tip. The difficult part of what she wanted to do would be getting it inside her tight opening. Once penetration was made, her pussy was wet enough and his cock was smooth and tapered enough that it would slide in far enough to give them both all the pleasure they would want. Already, Horny was stamping his feet impatiently that he was fucking almost nothing but air. With one hand, Deidre held onto his cock near the end to guide him into her and her other hand gently molded the skin around the head into the necessary wedge shape. Holding the altered tip at the entrance to her pussy, she timed his movements and pushed herself forward to meet his next thrust. With a blissful gasp, she felt the end of his cock drive through her tight opening. A wave of pleasure swept her body but Deidre knew she couldn’t give herself over to it quite yet. As Horny pulled back, she slid down the bench to keep his cock in place and, when he surged forward, she felt it plunge deep into her pussy where she had wanted it for so long. Not just a wave, but a giant breaker of bliss engulfed her body, emanating from where his cock was driving into her. On the unicorn’s next stroke, Deidre fucked back to meet him and his cock plunged in even deeper, the thick shaft forcing open the tight entrance to her pussy. The pleasure she felt was so great that it seemed to her that she was caught in a massive whirlpool of ecstasy.“Fuck me, Horny! Fuck me hard!” Deidre begged her pet. Although he couldn’t have understood her, the unicorn did what he was told, and every time his cock rammed into his mistress it went in harder and deeper, bringing her closer to cumming. Fucking was what the unicorn wanted too, putting his cock into a place that was tight and warm and wet. In the past, his mistress’s mouth had felt good and he had cum into it, filling it with his semen, but this new hole also enclosed most of his cock and was much better. He couldn’t have known what was expected of him but he knew what he wanted, and that was to fuck harder and faster into the new place his mistress had created for him.Deidre knew she was on the verge of cumming and one of her hands started fondling her clit to help put herself over the top. The other hand moved between her breasts, caressing her nipples. Less than a minute later, she cried out joyously “Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me, Horny, I’m cumming.”Even if the unicorn could have, understood her, there was nothing better he could have done for his mistress than to keep pounding his cock into her, which is what he did. Deidre thrashed around on the bench, her arms flapping aimlessly and her legs rising and falling. She had stopped fucking back to meet the thrusts into her but her pussy was so wet with her juices that Horny’s cock surged in just as deeply. When she climaxed, her back arched and she gave out with a howl of intense pleasure. Horny probably heard her but he was not aware of what had happened, and wouldn’t have cared anyhow. All he wanted to do was to keep fucking.And fucking some more. Less than a minute after her great orgasm, Deidre’s level of pleasure was ratcheting upward again. Two minutes after her orgasm, she was again fucking back to meet the cock ramming into her pussy and encouraging her unicorn in his rutting. He didn’t really need any encouragement because his cock was in the best place it had ever been. His horn had been in his mistress’s pussy many times but that had never been a source of any particular pleasure to him, except for knowing how much she had liked it. His tongue had been there too and he had loved the taste but it had nothing to do with the kind of pleasure he was feeling then. The closest would be the times when his mistress had sucked him off. Those memories were great but this place where she was letting him put his cock was so much better, hotter, tighter, just as wet and able to contain most of his shaft. Like Deidre’s, his pleasure was building toward a climax.From the way his cock was throbbing and jerking, Deidre knew he was just seconds from cumming. She had felt the same reactions in her mouth often enough to know what they meant. She was close too, but not close enough yet. Even all her fingers massaging her clit, combined with the unicorn’s big cock ramming into her pussy, wouldn’t be enough to get her off before him.“Keep fucking me, Horny. Just hold on and let me cum,” she begged him, but to no avail.With one last thrust, he jammed his cock into Deidre, the deepest yet, and she felt a flood of thick, hot fluid gush from it. Like other equines, unicorns produce prodigious amounts of semen and it was all squirted into his mistress’s pussy where it had no place to drain because his cock was jammed so tightly into her. With an inarticulate cry of exquisite pleasure, she started cumming. Deidre completely lost control of her body, more so than she ever had before, as her unicorn’s hot cum sloshed inside her. She was in total ecstasy from her pussy being so stuffed and from the way it was still being stretched by Horny’s long, thick shaft. He continued pressing his cock into her, keeping his semen from flowing out. Although he was no longer thrusting, his cock spasmed against her clit, sending more bolts of pure pleasure coursing through her body, and pumping more of the hot, viscous liquid into her.She thrashed wildly on the bench and would have fallen off but her unicorn, as he relaxed after cumming, leaned forward putting enough of his weight on top of his mistress to hold her in place until she was through cumming. Deidre climaxed with a great spasm of her body, arching her back as much as she could, before relaxing. She was exhausted after the great fucking Horny had just given her and, even if she had wanted to get up, she wouldn’t have been able to do so until his cock had softened enough to slip out of her pussy, letting loose the flood of semen. “Good boy,” Deidre crooned as she lay under him, kissing the unicorn’s chest. Her experiment had been an unqualified success. She was still wondering what his horn and tongue would feel like in her ass, and thought she might find out some day. For the time being, she was satisfied to just lie on the bench, enjoying the glow of her wonderful orgasms and the feel of the big cock as it softened in her pussy.
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