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it starts like this i needed a bitch to have sex whith coz my baby died from a car hitting her the other month. i was thinking of some m8's that have got a bitch ,i was thinking for ages and then it popped up my m8 was looking after this boxer for his dad witch was on holiday so i thought this was the perfect time to try a differend i rang him up and asked if it would be a good time to come over to go over the paintball plans,he said no cuz he was going shopping and needed to find some1 to look after the dog for half an hour so i jumped at the chance he said ok but i wont hold my breath that he'll be back in half an hour i was so pleased to here him say that "ill be over in a bit" i said quickly hanging up before he had a chance to change his mind and say cya l8er i got over there as quick as i could.i knoked the door he opend it,as soon as he did i sore her i came in she was so playfull "im going to go in a bit ill keep the back door open so she can go out....oh watch out for the dogs around here shes coming in to heat so make sure non of them get hold of her" he said " far is she from being on heat"i asked quickly befor he went out "about a day or two " oh..ok she'll be ok" i said.he went out and i thought crap i shouldent just to make sure.but she was teasing me for about 10mins i just had to get my throbing dick out, as soon as i did she ran up to me and started to lick it,, damn this is good i cant wate intill a few days.she was vigarusly licking my cock and balls she seemed to go faster and pushed harder when i was going to cum .ohh yess i cumed on the wooden floor she ran up to it and licked it all up and came back to get the cum off the tip of my dick .that was when i fell in love whith her.sudenly the door started to open so i tucked my dick in my trousers ."i thought u was going shopping?" "i was,but my mom phoned me and told me to do it friday" "oh ok i might as well come over then to go over the plans and i could look after ur dads dog as well" "mmm..yea good idea, come over then" i know that it isnt the longest story ever but it was 1 of the best times ive had whith a dog untill i tell u about the next time i was there.ill tell u the rest soon, cuz im busy as it is.pleze reply if u like or not. This post has been edited by u know how i do on Nov 1 2005, 06:51 PM
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