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I have decided to give you all my side of the story after a bit of prompting from my hubby sam, to post my version of that first time, I have changed his name, Just a bit concerned as Sam has used real names in his post. I hope you understand.Sam's version of events of a few weeks ago is surprisingly accurate. The minute Sam agreed to take Pick for the week I knew that i would end up having sex with him. From the first time Sam brought him home during one of his walks and I let Pick lick my pussy It was obvious from that moment that I would soon be letting pick screw me.Sam was still at work on the day that my daughter dropped pick off to us . I knew that Sam would be hoping that Pick and I get it together that week. From the moment my daughter left I was in a bit of a turmoil, I knew deep down that It was my wish to get stuffed by Pick. All sorts of things were going through my head, I was a 48 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. I had never been with anyone else but Sam, we met at school i was 14 years old, we were married 3 years later and our marriage has been faultless. What was I doing even contemplating having sex with a dog?? Would It affect mine and Sam's relationship?? how would I feel afterwards? could i get any infections??what if someone found out?? how would Pick react to me when I called at our daughter's??. All these questions and more were rolling around in my head.I sat down with a cup of coffee and watched Pick sniffing around the room investigating everything. As much as I tried I could'nt stop thinking if having sex with Pick will be as good as it looked on the video's that i had watched with Sam.After a few minutes Pick strolled over to where I was sitting, as I reached out to pat his head he licked my hand and immediately pocked his nose straight into my crotch, I pushed him away and said no rather sternly, he backed off and sat down looking at me. My heart was racing and I had that feeling in my stomach that I had when I met Sam for the first time. I could,nt believe that I was feeling like this over a dog.I needed to occupy my mind so I got the ironing out and set to work. It was 4.30 in the afternoon and Sam was due home. When Sam came in and saw Pick a grin spread across his face, Pick ran up to Sam excitedly jumping all over the place. Sam walked pick around the block while I prepared tea.We sat through our meal not saying much to each other. It seemed that both our thoughts were elsewhere. After tea we sat and watched a bit of TV and talked about things in general. Pick had settled down and was stretched out at Sam's feet.I am sure that Sam was looking for an opportunity to bring the subject up about the possibility of me and Pick, but he never did. I was'nt sure if I wanted him to or not.Later in the evening Sam decided to take Pick for his walk, I watched has Sam put the leash on Pick and made thier way out of the door. I guessed that Sam would be back in half an hour or so. I had probably made my mind up that afternoon that I would attempt sex with Pick that night. I was well aware that my pussy had been wet and ready for most of the day. I knew that Sam would be working out how to get it on when he got back, so i decided to arrange it on my terms.I remember the first experience with Pick, when he had got so excited licking my pussy and tried to mount my legs scratching them badly. I certainly did'nt want that to happen again. I thought the best way would be turned on and ready to recieve Pick the moment they came home. Then i started thinking, what if they arrive before I'm ready? Would Pick get over excited again and spoil the experience?. I decided to text Sam. I told him that I would try Pick, and that I would be ready for him as soon as he came in. I worked out that about 20 minutes would be enough time to prepare myself.I had butterflies in my stomach and my pulse was racing as i went upstairs to the spare room to prepare. I laid a dust sheet on the floor and put an old blanket on the bed. I took all my clothes off and rummaged through a drawer for a sweat shirt hoping it would prevent Pick scratching me. I layed on the bed playing with my dildo in anticipation, the minute i placed it on my button i nearly came. I did,nt want that so i switched it off and used it in my pussy all the time thinking of Pick, I had never felt so horny. My pussy was dripping, I wanted Pick and I wanted him now. A few minutes later I heard Sam coming through the front door, It was a strange feeling, I wanted Pick badly but I was getting apprehensive also. As Sam came up the stairs I got off the bed and knelt on the floor with my chest on the bed. I expected Pick to come scampering through the door but Sam had left him downstairsjust to make sure I was ready. The look on Sam's face was a look I will never forget. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. I was working my dildo in my pussy and al I could say was get him in here. A minute later Pick came scampering through the door, he ran straight behind me and ran his rough toungue up and down my pussy. Before I could do any thing he was on me thrusting away. He was poking around all over my backside but missing my pussy completely. I told Sam to help get him in position, Sam lifted Pick in position as he continued to thrust spurting liquid everywhere. Still he could'nt find my pussy, Sam guided him into me, I could feel him thrusting away as i played with my button but I must be honest here and say I could'nt feel him inside me. He was gripping me around the waist and hammering away like there was no tomorrow. It was fast and furious, then he started slowing down, I was just about to come and was thinking what a waste of time that was when all of a sudden there was a big change of pressure in my pussy.It was his knot, now I know what the fuss is all about, I had never felt such feelings as i felt at that moment, I felt every spurt and throb of Pick's cock. I shouted to Sam to hold him in place, As Sam pushed him again'st me I came like never before, Pick was panting in my ear as he emptied himself into me. Sam held him there for about 3 minutes and for that length of time he continued to spurt and twitch inside me. I could have stayed there for ever it was a very horny experience.But Pick started to get restless Sam said he was letting Pick go, as Pick pulled away there was a slight resistance as his knot slipped out. The amount of sperm that ran from my pussy was awesome, my legs were soaking. I did'nt have time to get up, Sam was on me fucking me with an energy that he had never had before. He came in record time less than a minute. When Sam withdrew I saw pick cleaning himself. His cock was about the same size as Sam. 7 inches or so, but I was awestruck at the size of his knot. I could'nt believe that i had something that size in my pussy.Pick then came to lick me but I could'nt stand it, my pussy was too sensitive and I had to push him away.Sam already said that we had sex everynight with Pick that week, and by the end of it Pick had certainly got more experienced. I did'nt have Pick 3 afternoons, that was wishfull thinking by Sam, I actually had him twice.Pick and I have only had sex twice sinse that week. Sam would fetch him home everynight if he had the chance, but I think you can have too much of a good thing, so once every two weeks or so suits me fine.Sam and I are hoping that a situation arises where I can get it on with a larger dog, I don't just want to feel the knot, i want to feel the cock too.I hope my version of events has not gone on too long, but one of you posters did ask for the story from my perspective. And for the poster that asked for a pic of me! I don't think so.Liz.
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