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This is a Story originally posted to another site last year. Yes, the name is different (I used to use 'spot' as my pseudonym) but it's mine... I can still taste the big guy ... Sorry 'bout the formatting...====================One warm spring night, I planned a little excursion to see a mare I wasvisiting on occasion near my house. When I got there after midnight, therewas a fog moving through the cooling air, and a full moon above. The marewas there, but wasn't really in the mood that night, which was a bitdepressing. I didn't force her, though. I'd just come back some other timeand hopefully catch her in heat. Two of the geldings came over, though, soI pet them instead while listening to the crickets. The one gelding wasfairly pushy, and I obliged with some scratches of those had to reachplaces that horses love (behind the ears, etc.) I them moved further back,and ran my hand over his silky-soft sheath, then back over the bulge thatwould have held his testicles. He 'dropped' for me, and his penis wascrusted and was in need of a wash. I made a mental note to myself to bringsomething portable next time to clean him up. I figured if the owner foundhim suddenly clean he might get the hint (if your gelding or stallion showsup with a squeaky-clean penis, you now know who to thank for it :-)Anyway, I took his big member and tried to clean it as best as I could, andthen knelt down and took the semi-hard end into my mouth. He flaredslightly, the big head filling my mouth briefly, then subsided. I stuck mytongue into the tip, a small recessed area that conceals the opening unlikethat of a mans. I ran my tongue around in there, cleaning it out for him,and then went back to just petting and scratching him. He then decided tochallenge another horse and took off for a second, and then forgot about meand started eating the dewy grass. Strike two, I guessed. I was thinkingthat I should head home, but then another beautiful chestnut horse who hadnever let me get close to before, was standing there rubbing himself on atree. I felt for the poor guy, all itchy in places he couldn't scratch, soI walked up to him (with a brief introduction on the way by) and moved tohis rear, to see exactly where he was itchy.Well, his tail was slightly to his side, and he was scratching his butt. Ithought, "ow, don't do that! Splinters!", and decided I could do a gentlerjob of that. I put my hand between his ass and the tree, and gently rubbedhis big hole, and the soft skin around it. He was still pressing back,almost crushing my hand.It was the first time I had touched a male horse's ass, and I had to say itreally was turning me on. I pulled my hand away, licked my fingers (tastinga bit of his feces) and I then slid my wet fingers around his now slipperyhole. The normal mucus around his hole mixed with my spit made a very goodlube, and I popped a finger inside his ass as I adjusted my pants, whichwere beginning to feel uncomfortable. His hole puckered, the strong horsemuscles gripped my finger fairly tightly in a soft, very warm blanket offlesh. Wow.I realized that I had never considered sex with these particular malehorses because they were gelded, and could not come, and with respect toanal sex I just assumed they would not have been interested. As I moved myfinger around inside that big, hot, muscular hole, and heard the gentlehappy sighs of the big horse, I realized he would not mind if I came insideof him. My heart raced at the thought. Again, wow.First, though, we'd need a bit more lube, and I just did what seemedobvious: I lifted his tail and kissed him on the ass. First gently, thendeeply, sticking my tongue as deep as I could. His relaxed hole thenpuckered, gripping my tongue tightly. I finished the kiss, and tasted bitsof his grit in my mouth. I spit out as much as I could, thinking brieflythat I might get worms. I decided it was well worth the risk, though, andkissed him again, my arms wrapping around his big ass. He moved back intome a bit, which I found most erotic. The tree was still there, and I feltmy head might get crushed into his butt. What a way to die.I then grabbed the concrete block, and had to set it up on end (made amental note to bring a milk crate or something more stable next time) andthen started rubbing under his tail again while I undid my pants. I rubbedthe area between his ass and his tail for a second, then went up on theblock...He looked at me, then looked away, nodding gently. I felt exposed up therebehind the big guy, looking down at his big backside in the moonlight. Itook my penis and rubbed it's precum around the tip and pressed it gentlyagainst his hole. I pushed forward slightly, and he pressed slightlybackwards, and I felt a pop as his hole yeilded and my penis was engulfedinside.The feeling, of course, is difficult to explain. You just have to tryit. The horse has a warmer body temperature than a human's, so, as with dogsex, it feels, well, hot. Also, even though horses are able to handlesomething the size of a fist going through his/her anus, the muscles dograb fairly tightly. Then there's just the act itself: You look down, andrealize that you are penetrating the anus of a very powerful animal, oneweighing half a ton, able to kick you to death, or just walk away, but hereally loves it. Your hands are around his big ass, the skin of your thighsis tickled by his tail which he holds slightly to the side for you, as wellas by his soft fur on the back of his legs and the cool breeze. I wonderedbriefly just how many people have done this. I knew of none, at the time,and that too felt exciting.I leaned in a bit, over his ass, as it turns out that a horse's ass isslightly set back, so to get full penetration you have to lean in. I didn'tlast very long, and started to feel the inevitable and unstoppable climaxcoming. The moment is still in my mind, the placement of my one hand on hisside, the other hand around his tail where I was massaging the base of histail with my thumb, the taste of him still in my dry mouth... I shot waveafter wave of cum into his bowels, emptying my testicles over and overagain to the point where it was almost painful. I stayed inside him for awhile afterward, still massaging the smooth skin under his tail with mythumb. I felt myself getting hard again inside him, but decided I'd givehim a break in case I was making him uncomfortable in any way (which Idoubted, but I wanted to be sure.)I moved the block back so a horse would not get hurt on it, and came backto him to thank him. I let him smell my finger and penis, which he was veryinterested in, and he took a quick lick of his and my mingled scents. Ihugged him for a while, scratching him, before promising to come backsoon. Didn't want him to get any splinters if he gets itchy again, youknow.
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