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It had been several moths since our trip into the jungle and our wonderful time with the dogs as well as the tribe. In searching through information from many sources,I came across a small article in a publication written many years ago about how while traveling through a remote part of what was the "Silk Road",this person had heard tales from others in the area he was traveling in that there were a group of nomads who 's relation to thier horses was something to see. It was said that they practiced strange habits with thier horses,drank mares milk and were even seeen having sex with them. In the spring these people would strip off thier clothing,as the weather got warmer. They rode thier horses bareback,even sleeping with them. This story caught my attention and I started to research it more carefully. I tracked down the author,who had passed away many years before,however I did find a relative of his through records I came across. In contacting this person,I asked if there were any other details about the group mentioned in the article. I told them I was researching about unique culltures. I was told that there were other materials and letters that had not been used and if I wanted to view them,I would have to come to his home. It took me a couple weeks to get things together and make travel arrangements before I made it to his home. I was shown the material and I stated to sift through it looking for the info I wanted. Several hours went by and after a coffee break,I came across the references about those horse people. I carefully copied every detail. While the article delt with mainly "the roomer",it was clear that several of the other letters and notes described the events in more detail. I thanked the gentleman for allowing me access to this material and went back home to go over it more closely. In doing so I came acros the name of the general area and possibly a town that could be used to narrow the search. It took some work but I finnally was able to find the town mentioned,it was in Mongolia. This could be a challenge,to say the least. I started to make inquiries about travel arragements into that area,for "research". At first I was denied and given what I consiered "excuses" as to why I could'nt go. It took some more presure and some "cash donations",but I was permitted at last to make the trip. A couple weeks later I was on the ground heading towards my "research"goal. I poked around,cautiously,for any information I could get about the group of horse people in question. As it hapened,because o connections made through the zoophy network,I found a contact in the area who was able to help me in my "resarch". After meeting and confirming some details that had been made,my contact was able to help in more ways than one. He had heard about the group in question and knew of the article I refered to. He also told me that he had a contact who may be able to help us find the horse people. He then said that further arrangements would have to be made for travel and it would not be easy,but by "greasing a few palms",it would be. I gave him some money to use and the next day he went around to a couple places in ordeer to get the "paperwork"moving. Acouple days later he recieved a call notifying him that our permit to travel in the area had been approved. This was reason to have a bit of a celibration. My new friend Kim said that he had access to a couple nice large k9s,male and female and he was going to take me over to them. It took about an hour,but we finnally got to the house which was out in the countryside. We went in and Kim introduced me to the couple who owned the dogs and told them that,like them,I ws also into k9 sex. With this they were very pleaseed to show ne the dogs,both large,and with Kim translating,they told me to get ready for some good fun. We went into the backyard. The house was in a walled compound and it was clear by Kims actions and comments to me that it was safe and they had been doing this for several years. I took a good look around to be sure and I was. The dogs were roaming in the backyard while we were talking. Without hesitation the couple started to get undressed and as they say,"while in Rome",both Kim and I also stripped. It did'nt take abut a minute and both dogs were right there with thier noses up between our legs giving us a good "nose job". Lee got down on her hands and knees and the male came over and I saw his cock dropping and getting hard. She backup towards him and in an instant he was on her. It was clear he'd had a lot of pratice,as without any trouble the male was in her and pumping away. The female,still giving all of us the once over,turned her butt towards me and backed up,then squatted and sprayed me. I got up behind her and started to rub my cock up between her legs and when I got to her butt,her tail moved over and upon postioning myself,she pushed back and I was in her. After I finished both Tan and Kim took thier turns with her. Over the course of the afternoon we all had a good time. It was late afternoon and time for Kim and I to head back to town. In discussions during the day,Tan had be able to provide a few more details about the group I was "researching". He had a contact out that way who may know where they are,so with that,Kim and I headed back to town. to be continued:
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