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Mi Name is Lisa an im from Germany, so plz excuse my crap english :-)Im a 24 year old student and i love the fantasy to see myself down on my knees under a beautifull stallion. I feel a bit strange while masturbating having such fantasies or seeing pics about it. But to be honest i think such an horse dick is the most beautifull dick nature has created. It looks like Michaelangelo hast made it and drives me really horny.But i dont have any experience with it, so im very happy to have found this board. youre storys here are very nice to read thx to everyone. I also dont know to whom i should talk about this fantasy an the wish to be pleasure for a horse so im here. ;-)i hope im not annoying anyone in here :-(I would like to know if there are any women, except thos in th payed porn videos, wo have sex with horses and how they manage not to get hurt. on pictures an vids i see them inserting this huge cock in their vaginas or asses and its hard for me to imagine that it doesnt seriously hurt. what i also would like to know is the tase of a horse sperm. im really addicted to sperm and i like to swallow. so i would do the horse the same pleasure. is it really that much what comes out?well, thats me. a young german bitch with a strange fantasie. dont blame me plz. greetz lisa.
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