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I can't have a dog where I live So, I've not yet had an opportunity to have a sexual experience. But, while I'm watching videos. I fantasize that it's me, instead of the girl getting some hot doggy lovin'.I imagine myself housesitting for a woman I know who has a black lab named Titan. He's a very friendly, lovable fellow. The first night we're alone, I'm a little scared, but I decide to take my time, and see what happens.I envision a hot summer night and a few margaritas. Of course, the heat makes me want to get naked. Titan has been following me around all evening, and I undress and settle in on the couch with another drink to watch some TV. Titan settles right next to me, licking my face and settling his head in my lap. I can feel his doggy breath on my pussy, and this starts to make me wet. I decide, "What the hell?" and spread my legs. Immediately, Titan gets a whiff of my sex and burrows his nose into my crotch. "Hold on, fella!" I shift myself around so that I'm lying on the couch, giving Titan better access to me. He gives me a few tentative licks, sending shock waves through my body. "Good doggy!" Titan gets up on his haunches and licks my face and neck. I feel my nipples hardening-- painfully so-- when I notice his pink doggy cock starting to poke out of its sheath.I don't think Titan quite knows what to do, since all of a sudden his forepaws are up on my shoulders, and his cock is poking at my breasts. By now, my pussy is dripping wet. I stroke his chest and slide my fingers down. "Lie down!" I command. Titan obediently complies. Slowly, I stroke the length of his belly, then I get down on my knees and gently lick his swollen cock. Titan seems to like this, so I take his cock deep into my mouth, and he starts trying to hump my lips. I taste a little precum, and worry that I may not get what I really want.I stop licking Titan and get down on all fours, my pert little ass protruding into the air. That was all the invitation Titan needed. Before I knew it, Titan had mounted me, and was trying to hit the spot. I was a little afraid of him knotting with me, so I decide to reach back to guide him in. Too late. Just as I'm about to reach back, Titan finds my juicy pussy and slams himself into me, knot and all. I yelped in surprise, but I can't believe the incredible sensation of him pounding into my pussy for all he's worth. Waves of pleasure run through my entire body as my first orgasm hits. Our bodies are one as Titan seems to get bigger by the second leading me to another orgasm. I don't know how many orgasms later, Titan finally seems satiated and I feel his hot doggy juice spurting deep into my cunt.Titan rests his head on my shoulder, licking my neck. We're locked together still, and I have one last orgasm as I feel his knot finally starting to subside. Finally, we separate, and doze off together on the living room floor.
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