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A Dog's Tale - Chapter 1The huge dog moved easily through the heavy woods toward the now-familiar scent that had attracted him when his Man had let him out. This was his Man's domain, given to him to watch over while still a young dog. He was full-blooded English Mastiff, brindle-colored, the glossy black coat broken with random fawn stripes in no pattern whatever, over 240 pounds of perfect example of that breed, 32 inches tall at the front shoulders. Now in his fifth year, he had long since learned the boundaries of this 80 acres, and knew that it was truely his to protect. Regular scent marking it with his urine made sure the wild predators knew it, too. Only occasional men now dared to trespass here. The word had spread through the area of the huge cunning beast that patrolled here. Mastiffs had been brought to England over two thousand years ago, where the primitive ancestors of the British people had bred them for war, protection, and the hunt. By the time Julius Caeser invaded the British Isles in 55 B.C., the dogs were such a force that the savages were almost able to fight the highly disciplined, organized Roman Legions to a stand-still. Caeser was so impressed with the ferocity of the huge dogs that he had some taken back to Rome, where they were bred to fight in the Arenas against bears, bulls, and lions. The Neopolitan Mastiff of today is the end result of this. Indeed, several other breeds are the result of special breeding of the original English Mastiff. The English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Boxer, Dogue du Bordeaux (Hooch, from the movie), Great Dane, and Rottweiler all have the English Mastiff in their ancestry. This particular beast had learned how to get close enough to deer to ambush them and he could run one down in a short enough chase. The first time he had done this and half-dragged, half-carried the carcass home, his Man had rewarded him with so much praise (as well as a good portion of the carcass itself) that he now regularly provided meat to his Man's table, as well as supplimenting his diet. Since he was able to stalk and kill an animal with the keen senses of a deer, a trespassing human hunter didn't stand a chance. He knew what "guns" were used for and avoided a direct approach on any interloper who carried one. More than ten men had been unaware of his presence until he suddenly and silently hit them from behind in a leap that took them in the shoulders and sent them flying as if hit by a compact car. With their "gun" knocked from their grasp, he would stand over them growling in a low rumble, his face mere inches from their own. It was at this point that most of his victims pissed themselves. He knew that an unarmed human was no threat to him, so they were allowed to rise and leave his domain, as long as they did not try to regain their "gun". He would not bring the "gun" to his Man. Instead he had learned that he would be rewarded for bring his Man to the "gun". He stopped and raised his head to sniff for a second. Yes, she was there. He started moving again with renewed purpose, her scent triggering memories of her, causing his cock to harden slightly in its sheath. He passed the long-dead remains of the last coyote he had killed without slowing to inspect the small pieces of hide and the few bones not yet cleaned up by scavengers. Her scent was stronger now, and the memories ran through his mind. The first time he had been walking the fenceline when he found her scent. A moment's sniffing told him that the trail led into his Man's property, not off of it, so he moved along the fresh scent-trail to find the intruder. He checked repeatedly for the smell of the things called "guns", fully aware of their purpose and ability to kill or maim. His Man had taught him that, easily. They had found coyotes, and when the then young dog had moved on them and been attacked, his Man had shot and killed several, while the dog easily killed two more. But he never forgot what a "gun" did after that. But there had been no scent of "gun" in that trail, only human. It took his mind a while to place what was different in that scent. Then he realized that he was smelling a female human for the first time in his Man's woods. Soon he had found her in a small stand of pines and he watched her for moments before she became aware of him. When she spotted him, the fear smell came from her almost at once. He approached her then, head high, studying her, watching for a sign of threat. She backed slowly away at his approach, the scent of fear increasing. He sensed no threat in her and stopped, cocking his great head, ears forward in an expression that could only be described as quizzical. The look on his face was too much for her, and she laughed, shakily, in relief. "Hello, there," she said. "You aren't going to hurt me, are you?". The friendly tone caused his tail to wag in response. He took a step forward, then another. She smiled and held out her hand. "Ok, fella, come on. God, you're a big guy. Where did you come from?" He took the last few steps and sniffed at the offered hand. No, there was no threat there, only a female smell that he found to his liking. His tail moved faster, and she reached over his nose to carefully stroke his head. "Your head is wider than both my hands put together, boy." Her hand moved down to his neck and then to his shoulders and he sniffed her body while she petted him, now using both hands. As she scratched just behind his shoulders, he leaned and rubbed his face against her upper thigh, almost causing her to fall from his weight and power. "Whoops, careful there, fella, you don't know your own strength. Bet you weigh twice what I do." Little did the girl realise that he was much more than twice her 108 pounds. His Man had used him for breeding to female dogs belonging to other people, and while she had none of the bitch in heat smell, he recognised the musky smell that sometimes came from the female humans watching the mating. To him it meant a link to sexual excitement, and he pushed his nose into its source. "Hey, none of that, now,"she said, but there was nothing commanding in her tone, none of the key words he recognised as commands, so he continued his investigation. She stopped scratching him, but made no move to push him away. Her shorts were brief and just loose enough to allow him to root under the leg opening and he first snuffled deeply, then licked at her hidden skin. "Oohhhh, damn, where did you learn to do that?" His tongue licked again and again, as if in answer. The taste was of sex, and he tried to root further into the leg opening of her shorts for more. This caused her to stagger back as his weight and strength overbalanced her. Whoa there, fella, just a second." But while her words meant nothing to him, the scent he had found did, flooding his senses, telling him of her increasing arousal. He continued his licking, quickly saturating the crotch of her shorts till at last she exerted all her strength and pushed him away. He again cocked his head to the side and gave her hands a questioning look, not understanding why she had stopped him when her scent told him that she was wanting more of his attentions. She had laughed at him again, her mind confused by the sensations the giant dog had given her. Then she reached a decision. "There's no one here but you and me, and that feels sooo good....." Saying this, she had looked around and quickly stripped off her shorts and laid down, raising her hips to give him access to her sex. Her words still meant little or nothing to the giant dog, a key word here and there at best. But his nose told him all he needed to know....her sex-smell was stronger than ever. Lowering his head between her thighs, he resumed his licking. Mastiffs have very wet mouths, and soon her pussy was soaked, running with dog drool as well as her own juices. His tongue had snaked up inside of her, causing her body to shake and jerk as she moaned , her eyes closed. Her breaths came faster as he continued licking deep inside her cunt, occasionally licking her clit with a long stroke or two of his rough soft tongue. The smell and taste of her had caused his cock to harden and start to emerge from its sheath. Then her orgasm hit her and she was lost in it for a long moment of ecstasy, her head rolling from side to side as she moaned in her new-found pleasure. Still he continued lapping at the juices that came running from her. Her head tilted to one side, she opened her eyes and saw his cock, hard in its sheath, the tip emerging. Giving herself up to the sensations running through her body, she reached out and stroked it. He reacted by instinct, pumping his hindquarters, and thus pumping his cock in her hand, causing it to grow more and emerge further, pre-cum dripping from the tip. "What am I doing, what am I doing? " she repeated as she found herself rolling over and rising to her hands and knees. He licked her for a brief moment more, then, instinctively, with an agility and gentleness that belied his great size, he mounted her. A few tentative pumps of his hips and then his cock found her wet cunt and entered, the warm wetness causing his humping to speed up. A moan escaped her lips as she felt his cock growing, expanding as it plunged into her. " Oh, G,G,G,aa,aa,www,dddd. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Wha,aa,at's,ss tha,at?" she said in short bursts as he pumped into her and his knot first met the mouth of her pussy, then was thrust in. He thrust deeper and instinctively his pumping slowed as his cock and knot swelled to its full size inside her. " EEeaaaaaaahhhgggg!" she all but screamed as her pussy was filled and stretched more than she would have ever thought possible. Nine inches of dogcock, almost two inches thick, with a knot bigger than a tennis ball at its base stretched her vaginal walls, the pointed head hitting against her cervix and opening the entrance to her womb with every thurst. She felt as if she were being split in two by the twelve inches of dog cock and knot inside her. But the pain was quickly being replaced with a new sensation of pleasure, of being totally and completely filled. As he pumped into her she tried to move her hips in tempo to the thrusts and was soon lost in the throes of a second orgasm, followed by a third, and a fourth. Then he had stopped and stood over her, panting, his drool dripping from his mouth and onto her shoulders as he began to pump his seed into her. As he leaned on her back, pumping his hot cum in her to fertilize her, she screamed for real, feeling as if her insides were being torn from her as he dragged her back. He stopped pulling then, content to just stand and let his balls empty their load into her. The knot made an effective plug, and she felt herself filling with his seed. It felt as if that huge cock was floating free in a sea of dog cum inside her, and still more kept spurting from it. Minutes passed and the flood of semen decreased and she again gave herself up to the feeling of being so filled and flooded. The swelling was slowly going down in his huge knot, and as her cunt pulsed with still another climax, his cock popped free with a large splash of the dog's semen. She groaned in ecstasy as the pressure was released, dog cum gushing from her pussy, running down her thighs in an almost steady stream. The dog moved away and sat down to lick himself as his prick deflated and retracted once more into its sheath. The girl had collapsed, rolling over to lay on her back, too spent to move for long minutes. When he had finished licking himself, he had turned his attention back to her and started licking her drenched lower body, cleaning her in his own way. For all his giant size, she could not help but marvel at how gently he licked at her as he slowly cleaned her of his mess. Finally he stopped licking and snuffled his way around her body, exploring with his nose as if to assure himself that he had done a thorough job and that she was all right. When his head was over her face she had reached up and twined her arms about his great shoulders. She hugged him, pulling herself up to nestle her cheek against the front of his massive chest. He stood, bearing her weight easily, sniffing her hair. When she relaxed her grip and settled back, he had sniffed her face and licked her cheek, then circled twice and laid down beside her. He watched her curl up next to him, snuggling herself against his warm body. When she looked up at his raised head, she saw in his eyes what she believed to be a look that told her she was now his mate. She dozed off in contentment while he kept watch over her. All his instincts told him that she was his to protect. He would see to it that nothing harmed her while she was in his care. When he felt her waking later, he had risen and walked slowly around the small clearing, pissing on a tree here and there, marking it as his territory. She watched him for a few moments, then said, "I don't know exactly what happened to me, but you're right. This is our special place now, isn't it." Then she looked up at the sky through the trees. "Damn, it's later than I thought. I gotta get on home." She quickly pulled on her shorts and stood for a moment stroking the dog's back. "Coming with me?" she asked as she started off. The dog moved up to her side and padded along with her. They came to the small creek that cut across the property. When he stopped to drink, she said, "My shorts are still soggy in the crotch, thanks to you and that tongue of yours, mister." He recognised the teasing tone in her voice as one like his Man often used when they played, and his tail moved in response. Then she added, " But I've got an idea." She stepped into the middle of the pool and sat down, exclaming at the sudden chill of the water. Then she stood and said, "There, now I can say I fell in." Then she set off again through the woods. They came to the boundary fence at a spot where the wire was down. The dog stopped there as she continued on. The girl stopped and looked back at him, watching as he lowered his head, sniffed the fence, then raised his head to look at her. His message was clear; he would follow her no further. Looking into the great beast's sad eyes, she knew it would be wrong of her to try to coax him, to try to get him to break what he had so obviously been trained to do...wrong and most likely useless. So she said, "O K, fella, then this is where we say goodbye. But I'll be back." Then softer, "I'll be back. You know I will, and you know where you'll find me." Then she turned and walked off through the trees, head high, not daring to look back at him. The dog had stood silently, watching the girl go, his only movement the slow, almost sad swing of his tail and the twitching of his nostrils as he tested the air for her fading scent. Then he snorted and shook himself. Without another look he turned and started back along the fence. Instinct told him that his Man would be home soon. He would be there waiting as always for the loving rubs and pats, and the supper that would follow after that. As he thought of the coming meal, his pace increased and he moved away from the fenceline, trotting straight for home. It had been a good day, and he was hungry. His thoughts turned to the deer thigh bone that he could chew on till his Man came home. As the dog moved through the woods now, on his way to meet his Woman, pieces of these memories had been called up by her scent borne to him on the air currents. Then he caught the other scent, followed by distant sounds that his sensitive hearing detected. Coyotes, a pack of them, and they were moving quietly in on his Woman-Mate. She was small enough to interest them, not as big as a doe. She did not have the metal-and-oil scent of the killing thing they feared on her, so they were stalking her for the kill. The giant dog broke instantly into a run, his hackles standing straight up. He caught the scents of at least six different animals, but it did not matter to him. He was nearly 250 pounds of Death incarnate, coming to the aid of his chosen Mate at a dead gallop, dirt and dead leaves flying high into the air behind him as he crashed headlong through thickets, snapping off saplings that he would not even try to avoid, as unstoppable as a runaway express train. He broke out onto the clear trail she used, his speed increasing as he was no longer even slightly slowed by brush and saplings. Even as he hurtled along the trail his senses automatically told him that she had passed here, followed by eight or more of the killers stalking her. hen the first hunting cries of the pack sounded through the still air, designed to panic their prey. But those same howls masked the quiet thunder of his paws on the hard-packed trail as he strained with every fiber of his being into the greatest speed of his life. He was closing on the pack faster, much faster than they were closing on her. And Hell followed after him. The great animal caught his first glimpse of the pack and his Mate through the trees. The coyotes had fanned out and had her surrounded. She stood with her back to an oak tree clutching something to her chest, the nearest coyote was about 15 feet behind her. The others were still working to complete the circle around her, some still coming up the trail. Then he was there, still moving at full velocity, two thousand years of breeding suddenly focused here and now in this single moment. There were no thoughts of gentleness or mercy in his mind; these had been swept away, leaving only the instinctive call to protect his Mate, to kill anything that threatened her. The nearest coyote, the last one on the trail, he simply ran over. Almost 250 pounds of dog travelling at nearly 30 miles an hour came down on the center of the smaller animal's back, right between the shoulders. All of the force of that impact was concentrated into the area of the dog's front paw. The coyote's head snapped back on its neck in whiplash, both front shoulders instantly dislocated, front legs, ribs, backbone and neck snapped, splintered ribs pierced lungs and heart. The animal was dead before it even knew it was in danger. The second one fared no better. The giant dog slammed into the coyote at a slight angle, breaking the doomed animal's back and sending the already dead carcass flying, to land over 20 feet away. The third had just started to turn, some instinct perhaps warning it, when the dog's huge jaws snapped shut on its neck with nearly a half-ton of force. Neckbones were instantly crushed, the spinal cord severed. The dead coyote in his mouth caused his head to turn and diverted him from his original course, slowing him slightly as almost 50 pounds of dead weight dragged at him. With a flip of his head and neck muscles he sent the coyote's body sailing off across his path to the side where, quite by accident, it slammed into another one of the pack. That animal went down yelping, tangled in the remains of its packmate. The dog used the change to swerve around the tree and his Woman and charged the coyote behind her. This one had seen him coming and was ready, rising onto his hind legs to meet the charge of the dog, who simply tilted his head and snapped his jaws shut around the coyote's throat as they slammed into each other. The combined forces nearly severed the smaller animal's head from his body. The body went under the charging dog, tangling his feet, and he went down, skidding and rolling, to come back to his feet in an instant, facing back the way he had just come, still sliding backward, feet scrabbling for traction in the leaf litter on the ground. The scent of blood and death filled the air and with the suddenness of the huge dog's appearance and attack, caused the remaining coyotes to hesitate. The one that had been hit by the thrown body struggled to his feet. He was injured, the fight taken out of him by the sudden impact of the body of his pack-brother. But there were still six others. It didn't matter to the huge dog; they were trespassers on his Man's land, and they had dared to hunt his Woman -Mate! These things meant that they must die! As he turned and leapt at the nearest coyote, on the edge of his vision he saw the girl slide down the tree, slumping against it, the thing in her arms falling to the ground. He hit the coyote full force, bowled it over, grabbed it by the throat, and shook it like a rag doll. It managed one partial scream of pain before that too was cut off to a gurgle as it died. The next closest turned to run, but was too slow by far. Three leaping strides and he was upon it, rolling the terrified animal several times before his jaws got a grip on its soft underside and he disembowelled it, then snapped again and crushed its chest cavity, bursting its heart. The remains of the pack were scattered in full flight, the girl completely forgotten, running for their lives in all directions. The injured coyote was still easy prey though, and the giant dog started after it, to be brought up short by a moan from the girl. He stopped and watched the injured animal for a few seconds as it ran off, limping on three legs, yelping in pain with every stride. The killing lust subsided quickly now, and his innate gentle nature once more emerged. He turned and walked over to the girl and sniffed her over and over, searching for any sign of injury. Finding none, he stood and looked at her for a moment, then, placing his nose under her arm, he pushed up gently. His Mate gave a shuddering start, her eyes opened, she looked at him and recoiled for an instant. Then her eyes focussed and she cried out softly. The giant dog stood before her, blood and saliva dripping from his mouth and drooping lips, panting heavily as exhaustion was beginning to come upon him. "You came," she said softly, "you came. Somehow you knew, and you found me." These words didn't mean anything to the dog, but he sensed the relief in the tone of her voice. Now further assured that his Woman-Mate was unharmed, he turned, and slowly, on unsteady legs, shuffled to the the bodies strewn around the area. The beast examined each dead coyote in turn with his nose, sniffing and even pushing at each corpse, making sure that there was no spark of life, no potential threat left. Finally satisfied, he returned to the girl, weaving unsteadily, his energy reserves almost completely gone. He reached her and stood on splayed legs panting, strings of dog-saliva drooling from his mouth. His eyes told her what he had no voice to say; You're safe, but I am very tired. Then he slowly sank to the ground and laid with his head between his forelegs, eyes half-closed, breathing heavily. The girl moved quickly to kneel beside the dog, running her hands gently over him, searching for any wounds. Finding nothing but scratches gathered in his headlong run through the heavy woods, she sighed in relief and sat down, stroking the massive shoulders and neck of the dog, talking softly to her Mate, trying to soothe and reassure him. His breathing began to slow as his body worked to restore itself. The girl could feel the trembling in the big dog's body subsiding; his heart was slowing, returning to normal. Still talking softly to him, she pulled gently on his neck and shoulders. The dog rolled onto his side and placed his massive head in her lap. Then he sighed deeply, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep. His Woman-Mate sat holding him, stroking his neck, shoulder, and side. "That's it, my love," she said softly, "rest now. Sleep, dear, I'm right here, I'm right here." The great dog drifted further into sleep, reassured by his Mate's soft words and touch. Her scent was free of fear now, his sleeping senses filled with the smell of her, bringing dreams of their past times. He was walking along the fenceline once more when he came upon her scent. Investigating with his nose, he knew that this trail was fresh. She had come across the downed fence very recently. The dog turned and followed the scent trail, pausing at times to sniff the ground, making sure of the direction and freshness. Reassured, he increased his pace to a fast walk, now knowing her destination. Her words came to his mind. She was headed for the "our special place" she had called it, the place where they had mated. In fact, smells brought to him by the air currents told the dog that she was already there, waiting. He reached the small pine grove, saw his Mate sitting there on something that covered the ground, and walked directly to the girl with his tail wagging, a happy look on his face. "Hello, love," she said when she saw him approaching, "I've missed you." As the huge dog reached his Mate she put her arms around his neck, hugging him , snuggling her cheek against his shoulder. "Mmmmmm, it's good to see you," she said. Sitting back, she patted the thing covering the ground under her. "I brought a blanket for us," she said. "What do you think?" The dog bent his head, sniffing the "blanket". So that's what it was. His Man had used that word, but until now, he had never made the connection. Now he had an object to put with the word. He moved around the blanket, sniffing it thoroughly. It smelled good; it had his Mate's scent on it as well as smelling of other things. It covered the springy pine needles on the ground making a soft cushiony bed. Satisfied, he returned to where the girl sat in its middle and after giving her a look that showed his pleasure, laid down and rolled over on his back, rubbing himself against the blanket in delight. Then he rolled to his side, looked at his Woman-Mate and gave a big sigh of comfort. His Mate laughed, saying, "So you like it, huh? Well thank you sir, I'm glad you're pleased!" Then she stretched out on her side next to him and began to stroke him. He raised his leg as if to tell her what he had in mind. Her hand moved from his side to his belly and then to his sheath. "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you, mister?" Her tone was teasing, and her hand continued to fondle his cock in its sheath. The dog's tail thumped the blanket in response as his cock began to harden. As it grew and began to emerge she turned to bring her face closer to it. This brought her lower body closer to the dog's head and he stretched out to sniff at the scent of her growing arousal. At his movement she stopped and said,"Oh no, not this time, no wet pants." She quickly unfastened and removed her jeans and panties, followed by her t-shirt and bra. Naked now, she turned to his cock once more. It had not retracted, but rather hardened more at the increase of her arousal scent from her uncovered body. She stroked his cock through its sheath again, feeling it swelling, watching as it poked out further. The giant dog stretched out again and first sniffed, then licked at her pussy. But with his head laying on the blanket the angle was wrong; he was upside down to her. He rolled himself up on to his front legs, tilted his head, and tried again. There, that was better. Now he could lick her properly. As he continued to lick his Mate's aroused cunt, she moaned softly and curled her body toward him, legs opening. One leg she laid across his forelegs, the other she bent at the knee and placed her foot on the blanket, opening herself for him in encouragement. He responded by running his long tongue up inside her over and over, causing her body to shake and jerk from the exquisite sensation. Each lick of his long tongue was started deep inside her, then he would draw it out and up over her clit. His Mate's juices were flowing freely and he savored their taste. As the girl felt her orgasm approaching she fought for some small measure of control. She stroked the dog's cock in its sheath as it engorged more and more. She pushed the sheath back and popped the knot out before it became too big . Then, using the pre-cum leaking freely from the tip, she lubricated her hands and stroked the cock and knot. The dog's cock quickly swelled to its full size and she could feel it pulsing. Leaning forward, she touched it with the tip of her tongue, tasting his huge member and his fluids. Excited by the taste, she took the dogcock into her mouth and sucked on it greedily. Holding it behind the knot, she moved her head back and forth, swirling her tongue around it as she greedily sucked as much of it as she could on every stroke. Now it was the big dog's turn to react by pumping his hips and he lapped at the girl's wet cunt faster in response This was like no other sensation he had ever experienced and his hips jerked uncontrollably while he licked at the girl's flowing juices, thrusting his long tongue into her as deeply as possible to gather as much of them as he could. Just as the girl felt her orgasm beginning, the huge cock began to throb deeply and pump cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, still sucking on the giant cock as wave after wave of her orgasm swept over her. Even as fast as she swallowed, jets of dogcum threatened to choke her and a small trickle of juice escaped from the corner of her mouth to slowly trickle down her chin and drip on to the blanket. The great beast was himself caught up in the strongest sexual excitement of his five years of life. He lapped frantically at the mouth of his Mate's sex. Laying as he was, partly on his side, his back feet could find no purchase; his legs flailed as his hips pumped and jerked uncontrollably. His cock was being held gently but firmly at its base, just behind the fully engorged knot. His testicles spasmed as they sent huge spurts of semen into the warm, wet mouth that sucked his cock. His balls began to ache with a pleasure-pain from producing more than ever before. His Mate's orgasm passed, only to be replaced by a second and then a third. They both found themselves caught up in a sexual frenzy that seemed to go on and on. After long moments the urgency finally passed. The dog's cock began to grow soft, and he licked his Mate only occasionally. The girl relaxed her hold on the deflating dogcock and licked at the tip as it retracted once more into its sheath. They both laid back then and relaxed. "That was fantastic," the girl said. The big dog's tail thumped the blanket as if in answer. His head was still close to her body and her scent flooded his senses. The dog partially awoke from his dream as his Mate moved beneath his head. She reached for the blanket she had dropped and raised up slightly, then placed the folded blanket on the ground and sat back down on it. His body was beginning to feel stiff from his exertion, but the sun had shifted overhead and sunlight streamed down on him. The heat felt good. His Mate resumed her stroking of his head and neck, speaking softly to him. He drifted back off to sleep and the dream continued. He was still laying there at her side, head by her wet sex, her arousal scent in his nose. The girl was petting his side and flanks with long strokes of her hand. After a while, her soft touch began to have other effects on his body. Her caresses along with her scent began to stimulate him once again. She noticed the swelling of his cock and said, " You mean you want some more already?" Again his tail thumped the blanket as if in answer. As her hand moved to stroke his cock, the giant dog climbed to his feet and began sniffing at his Mate's wet pussy with renewed interest. She spread her legs slightly and he rooted with his nose, spreading her labia, then started to lick her once more. "All right," she said, "I'm still horny, but this time I want to feel that thing in me." She rolled to her hands and knees and the dog returned to his licking for a moment, then started to mount her. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs more as he stepped over her body. The dog began thrusting, exploring, seeking the entrance to her body. His Mate reached back between her legs and guided his penis into her. He began to thrust in earnest as his cock entered her body, and she cried out softly in her passion. The giant dog was thrusting at full speed into his Woman-Mate, caught up in the instinctive call of mating. The girl thrust back against his cock, moaning over and over as it swelled inside her throbbing cunt. She could feel the knot against her labia with each thrust. Then in a series of pumps it stretched her lips and gained entrance to her vagina, making her screaming loudly. He slowed his pumping as his cock and knot engorged. As it filled her, she moaned her pleasure. The big cock still swelling and beginning to pump cum into the girl's hot pussy. Her body could feel every pulse of the giant dick in her and she felt her orgasm take her, to be overtaken by a second, third, fourth, and fifth so quickly that she was left breathless. Again the long moments passed as the giant beast's balls pumped their load of cum into his Mate. She was moaning almost continuously from the sensations coursing through her body. She could feel the giant cock pulsing, feel the cum spurting from it, feel the huge knot stretching the walls of her velvet pussy pulsing with the cock-spasms. Her cunt pulsed and throbbed with its own orgasmic rhythm. A trickle of dogcum began to seep past the knot in her, to run slowly down the inside of her thigh. Slowly the knot began to soften, finally coming free of the velvet cunt that had imprisoned it. A flood of semen gushed out of her pussy, then ran down her thighs in a steady stream. Still her pussy pulsed as if with a life of its own. Her nipples were swollen with desire and hard as pebbles; so hard they ached. The girl sank to her elbows and used her hands to massage the delightful pain in her nipples. Then she rolled to her back still massaging her breasts, the dog's semen still trickling from her cunt. She looked over to where her huge Mate sat licking his rapidly deflating cock. When the big dog's cock was finally retracted into its sheath, he licked himself a little more, then moved to where his Mate lay with her knees bent and started licking her pussy clean of his cum. Within a short span of seconds, his attentions triggered yet another orgasm in her tender cunt and she arched her back and thrust her hips at his invading tongue, her own love juice added to the cum he was licking from her. The dog licked on, cleaning her thighs and pubic mound while her body shook and jerked at the feel of his toungue. He moved up across her belly and licked her breasts and nipples because of the scent her hands had left there, causing her to tremble at the exquisite sensation, so different from anything she had felt before. Finally, the giant dog was satisfied with his cleaning job and moved to lay beside his Mate. The girl shifted and laid her head against his chest with a sigh of contentment. She said," I should be going, my love, but I don't want to. I just want to lay here a while......you wore me out, you brute!" The dog recognised the playful tone in her voice and thumped his tail against the blanket as he turned his head to sniff her hair. A while later, the girl stirred, saying, "OK, I've got to go before I fall asleep." She dressed and gathered up the blanket while the big dog moved around the area remarking the trees with urine. When he was done and returned to her, she said, "Walk me to the fence?" and started off, the dog falling in at her side. When they came to the fence she stopped and knelt to hug the great beast. "I know better than to think you'd follow me any further, so I'll say good bye here. You take care of yourself, love, I'll see you soon, I promise." Then she rose again, gave his huge head a final scratch and started off, again not daring to look back. The dog stood and watched till his Woman-Mate was out of sight, then with a sigh, he turned and started for home.The dog awoke; something had registered to his sleeping senses, but what? He still lay with his head in his Mate's lap. She hadn't moved, her hands still rested on his body. His muscles were stiff, and the sun had shifted to where it no longer shone directly on him. Was that it, the sun? He was usually home waiting for his Man by now. Then his sensitive hearing detected the sound that she couldn't hear.....his Man was whistling for him. It was that faint whistling that had woke him. He rolled to his forelegs, muscles complaining, then got to his feet. Seeing the look on his face, his Mate said, "What is it, honey?" He shook himself, looked at her, took a couple of steps toward home, then stopped and looked back at her again. "What is it, do you hear something?" his Mate asked. "Do you want me to follow you?" This last question was one his Man used; the great dog recognised it and wagged his tail. "Is that it, you want me to come with you?" His tail wagged faster. "Ok, just a minute." His Woman-Mate rose and gathered up the blanket, then moved to follow the big beast. Seeing his Mate was coming, the dog started for home. The faint sound of his Man's summoning whistle sounded again. The huge dog moved as fast as his stiff muscles would allow, his Mate along side him. They moved through the late afternoon woods toward the dog's home and his Man. Though he knew where he was and where he was going, this was new, unexplored territory to his Mate, and she looked around constantly, taking in the scenery of tall oaks and pines, berry and wild rose thickets, and small patches of wildflowers. The girl had always followed along a hollow when she came to see her Mate, now they were cutting across small hills at an angle, uphill and down. The variety of the landscape she saw astounded and delighted her. This was old forest; it had not been cut in long decades. The size of the trees told her that. Then she heard the high whistle that had attracted her Mate and stopped. The giant dog took a few more steps, then stopped and looked back at her, tail moving slowly. "Oh, no," the girl said, "you're going home, aren't you....I don't think I should go with you." The dog came back to her and rubbed his big face against her thigh. His Mate had said "home", a word he knew well. Why was she stopping? He was going home and wanted her to follow him. He rubbed his head against her leg again, then looked up at her. His meaning was clear to the girl. She could see that he was trying to reassure her and wanted her to come with him. "All right then," she said, "maybe you know what you're doing. You've never led me wrong yet. I even owe my life to you now." The dog turned and started for home again, his Mate following a few steps behind. He would look back at her every few steps and wag his tail. He could smell nervousness in his Mate's scent, but this was important, he must go home, and he wanted her with him. Yes, she was following, but would not walk alongside him. He continued toward where he knew his Man was waiting. Memories of the other times spent with his Mate came and went. They had known each other for a long time now, the seasons had changed, it would begin to get cold soon. The girl was reflecting on their past times together also. It had been late spring when the giant beast had found her that first time. She had come to see him at least once a week, sometimes more, for months now. It was late summer, fall would be here soon. If she wanted to continue to have her Mate, she would have to go with him some time, it might as well be now. But what would she say to his owner, how would she explain their relationship? They were coming to the top of a small rise when the whistle sounded again. It sounded close. Then a few more steps and she could see the roof of a house. She slowed, hesitating. The dog turned and came back to rub against her leg again, then went on. "All right, go on, I'm coming," she said. She slowly moved on until she could see the house and the man standing there, looking around. She stopped, partly hidden by a tree and watched as the big dog went on, tail wagging happily now as he moved to see his Man. The man turned and saw the approaching dog. "Hey, big guy, where you been? I was beginning to get worried," he called. His tone was friendly, not scolding at all. The dog hurried up to his Man, who bent to pet and rub him, thumping him on the side with his open hand occasionally. "Hey, you're scratched up!" he said, "What did you get into today, huh?" The giant animal shook himself and then turned and took a couple of steps toward the concealed girl. He stopped and stood looking in her direction, knowing she was still there, watching. The girl had seen the interplay between her Mate and the man; this was not a case of owner and dog, she knew. They were more like close friends. She made up her mind then, gathered her courage, stepped out from behind the tree and started toward the pair. The huge dog saw her first and came to meet her, tail wagging happily. He reached her and she stroked his head, then he turned and went back to his Man. Back and forth he went between the two as his Woman-Mate slowly grew nearer to his Man, his life-long trusted Companion. The man stood watching the girl approach, his hands in his jeans pockets. She studied his face as she approached. There was surprise and curiosity there, but not a hint of anger. The slight smile on his lips grew wider as she approached. He was tall, not handsome or muscular in the classic sense, but certainly good-looking and looked lean and fit. Living out here in these woods must keep him that way, she decided. There was some grey in his hair, white, actually, but he didn't appear to be all that much older than herself. She felt that he would probably be easy to talk to, thank goodness! The man looked beyond his dog when he saw the beast wag his tail. He saw a girl approaching, cautiously at first, a folded blanket under one arm, then bolder as the dog went to meet and greet her with familiararity. She was small-built, maybe 5 foot 4 or 5, blonde hair and blue eyes. No, maybe they were green. Wait, blue.....turquoise? Well anyway, she was certainly pretty. Not a child, not with a shape like that. His smile grew wider, partly because of the girl approaching, partly at the actions of the dog. He had never seen Sirius act this way before. His curiosity was piqued; what was going on here? "Hey, Sir, who you got there?" he asked as the dog came up to him again, "This a friend of yours?" Sirius stood beside him and looked at the girl. She came to within a couple of steps of them and stopped.Her eyes had never left his face, he noticed. She had a smile that was positively sweet. "Hi there, I'm Frank, and this big guy is Sirius, but I think you know him." His smile broadened to a grin. "Hello, my name's Laura. Yeah, I know this fella," she said, "but till now I didn't know his name...Serious? He never has seemed too serious to me." Frank laughed, "It's Sirius, like the dog-star. I call him Sir for short. And it's nice to meet you....Any friend of his......" Laura smiled in return. "Oh, ok. Yeah, he found me in your woods back this spring. I've been coming to see him ever since," she said. "I, I love him," she blurted out. Sirius stood watching them both, his great head turning back and forth as they spoke, like he was following every word they said. These were the two most important people in his life. His nose told him that they did not fear each other, his Mate's nervous scent was fading, his man's scent was the same as always. They liked each other! His tail wagged happily, his face showed his interest and delight. "Yeah, he's pretty special. I don't know what I'd do without him. He takes care of the place for me; he even brings home a deer once in a while. But you're the best thing he's ever brought home," he laughed. "There were coyotes hunting me today and he saved me," Laura said. "But that's not what I mean when I say I love him." She could feel her face grow red. "I mean I really LOVE him." Frank's eyebrows went up in surprise, but his smile didn't fade. He asked,"You mean......?" Laura could feel herself blushing furiously, "Yes, that's what I mean," she said. She looked him right in the eyes. Frank couldn't look away from the lovely blue-green eyes that were filling with moisture. She was blushing, every inch of her that he could see. Sirius sensed his Woman-Mate's uneasyness and moved to her side, where he leaned against her leg to reassure her. He knew his Man, he was sure of the acceptance he sensed from him. Frank held his hand out to Laura. He smiled softly and gently said, "Why don't you come inside and tell me about it?" Laura hesitated for a second, then slowly took his hand. She was trembling, but she knew Sirius was with her, and Frank wanted to be her friend, maybe more. Together, the three of them started toward the house, the giant dog leading the two people. Now he was going to be truly happy. The two most important Humans in his life were together, they were accepting each other. He knew instinctively that they would become the center of his Universe. It was the start of a beautiful relationship
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