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Story by Cetacean, do not repost without this header!Eventhough this story is written from a 'me' perspective, it's fictional.If you like this story, perhaps you'll also like:A stable lover: http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-48940.html (woman, stallion)Loving my time: http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-47845.html (man, dolphin)A desperate act: http://www.beastforum.com/showtopic-44665.html (woman, dolphin - kinda sad)---I used to live a town of about 25000 people that was surrounded mainly by farmland. A good friend of mine lived on a farm a few kilometers out of town and I'd go and visit him several times a week. Not having the money for a car I had no other option than to go by bike. Especially in the winter when it got dark early it was an almost scary trip. Since he lived in the middle of nowhere the roads weren't lit at night and part of the journey was through a forest. Now, being alone in a forest at night with just enough light to see what's in front of you is the kind of thing most people would like to avoid. Somehow, all sorts of irrational fears came up in me. I didn't even know what could possibly happen, but I was always glad to get out of the forest. After that, the farmland was nothing. Besides that, the many greenhouses gave some light to the area.On one of my many trips to his house I saw a horse hang her head sadly over a poorly constructed wooden fence. I had already spotted her from a great distance, but when I got close I really started to feel sorry for her. She was a rather large pony, but still smaller than a 'regular' horse, with light brown fur - and she was alone. It had rained half an hour ago and she was soaked. Eventhough someone had constructed a primitive shelter for her she hadn't used it and apparantly just stood in the rain. I got off my bike and walked over to her, and she looked up at me. For a few seconds, we both just stood there looking at eachother. After that, she dropped her head again. I let my hand run over her forehead, and instantly she looked up again. I figured she rarely got any attention from anyone and she more than welcomed a visitor. I petted her for about a minute and then realised I should be going again because I was already late. I got back on my bike and rode away. When I looked back, she was still looking at me.On my way back several hours later I passed her again, and she was still standing there with her head down. It was an almost heartbreaking sight, the lonely wet horse standing there in the darkness - and again I got off my bike and went over to her. For several minutes, I petted her and had my arm wrapped around her neck. She enjoyed the attention, she enjoyed the fact that someone did care. I didn't want to leave her alone again for the rest of the night but I knew I couldn't stay forever. I must've stood with her like that for atleast fifteen minutes until I finally decided I had to get going again. For all that time, not a single person had passed us.It was late autumn, and the sun set earlier every day. When I went to my friend now, it was already dark. Every single time I went past the horse, about three times a week, I stopped for a few minutes. Sometimes, I brought something for her to eat like a carrot - I figured she could use (if not enjoy) some variety. In a sense, when I went to visit my friend I went to visit her - I actually believe she became as much of a reason to visit my friend as my friend itself. Every time I came down the road, her head almost jumped up when she saw me. When I left, she didn't look as said as when I arrived, perhaps because she knew I'd return later that evening. And I did return, always - but when I left her again on my way home she always looked sad again. I sometimes said things to her trying to lift her spirit like "I'll see you again in a day or two", eventhough I knew she couldn't possibly understand.It went on like this for several more weeks, until I went on a skiing trip to the Alps around Christmas for two weeks. Strangely, I never stopped thinking about her. I imagined her standing there, alone in the cold, possibly in the snow. Nobody cared and nothing to do. Well, somebody did care a little because I'd noticed someone had put a blanket on her when it got colder just before I left, but I never actually saw the person that took care of her. The first time I went to visit my friend again, the second day of the new year, it was snowing. I wondered if she'd still be there. I actually hoped she wouldn't be because I felt no horse should be left outside in this cold weather. She should be in a warm stable with other horses around her, not alone in the cold. But, she was still there - looking sadder then ever. Perhaps she thought I too had left her. When she saw me, she actually jumped. Never, ever had I seen a horse jump without a person instructing the horse to do so. It was like she'd just been given a few dozen cups of coffee, energy flowed back into her body. It put a smile on my face realising how happy she was to see me. I got off my bike and hugged her around the neck, like she was my lover and I hadn't seen her for ages. Perhaps that was actually the case. I was pleased to see she atleast had her blanket on to keep out some of the cold.As winter continued, so did the visits. One week my friend was away I just went to visit her a few times, not wanting to leave her alone. Instead of keeping on 'my' side of the fence, I just got on her side. It felt closer, more personal. She loved touch, it seemed like a drug for her. It was easy to see that whenever I touched her she enjoyed it.I knew I felt a certain attraction towards her, perhaps even somewhat sexually - but I never crossed that line. Actually, I never even considered the option. But things would change. Winter slowly started to turn into spring and I kept visiting my friend and thus the horse. Nobody actually knew I visited someone besides my friend, I had never bothered to tell anyone. Perhaps out of fear, fear that people would frown upon me having a mare pony as a friend. I don't think many people ever saw me with the horse. The field she was in was next to a road that people rarely used. I figured you were more likely to find a car on the northpole than on that road. It was a dead end road, and the last bit could only be done by bike. There wasn't anything of interest to see there, so people stayed away. It was perhaps this privacy that made me do this. The fact that it was usually dark when I was with her reinforced that feeling - although it was starting to become lighter atleast on the trip towards my friend's house. Early April, it was still fairly light when I went to visit. As always, she was waiting for me and I petted and stroked her like usual. Sometimes, like that day, I brought a brush and ran it through her fur - it was something she enjoyed more than anything else. I wondered if the person that took care of her during the day noticed her being well-groomed. When I said "bye" to my friend and left his house on my way back, the moon was shining. A few clouds were lit against the otherwise pitch black sky, with some stars visible. Sometimes, you could see the milky way out here. The light from the moon made the mare spot me earlier as usual, but her reaction was different. Normally, she would get all excited and get as close to the fence as she could, but this time, she turned around and walked away from the fence. I found her behavior unusual, but didn't think much of it. Even when I got off my bike I didn't realise what was going on. I had looked at her, but hadn't paid attention to her posture. Only now that I walked towards her did I realise what she was doing. She stood with her hind legs slightly spread, her tail lifted and the moon made some moisture on her vulva twinkle. I knew horses, and I knew exactly what she was doing. She was inviting me to have sex with her - me, a human. The sight was arousing to say the least and I wondered what to do. "Surely I can't have sex with a pony?", the rational part of my mind said. The other part, if not the hormones were more like "go for it!". Who could turn down an invitation for sex by someone you've loved for so long? I couldn't, and climbed over the fence. I wasn't sure how to approach her, I didn't feel like dropping my pants and go straight for the target. Besides that, I had always been told never to stand behind a horse and this would definatly take me into the danger zone. I walked up to her, and at first just petted her like usual. Slowly, I let my hands run down her back and finally made my way to below her tail. I let my fingers run over her vagina, slowly and gently. The first touch made her twitch a little, but I knew it was out of pleasure. I rubber her flesh gently and I was under the impression she loved it. By now, I was more than ready for it myself, and quickly got rid of my pants. I got behind her feeling secure, and put my arms on both sides of her. She looked back at me as if she were waiting for me. I looked down at her behind, her black lips slightly apart revealing her pink flesh. Slowly, I let my penis slide into her. She moved her head forward again while I gently thrusted into the mare. Occasionally, she shaked her head. It felt fantastic being inside of her. I moved one of my hands down and gently rubbed her clit, hoping to bring her more pleasure. She started moving around more, so I figured it did. She was giving me pleasure beyond anything I'd ever experienced, and I was quickly on the verge of an orgasm. I just let it happen, and squirt my juices inside of her while my legs were shaking. I tried to continue rubbing her clit, but my hands were shaking too and I had little control over myself. Those ten or twenty seconds felt like heaven, and it was like the moment lasted forever - it was like a warmth was spreading from my groin to the rest of my body. Finally, I came back to reality and felt my penis become soft again while still inside of her. Apparantly, that was for her the signal it was done and she moved away a little. After that night, we had sex once every month or so. It was always on her invitation, I never started it. It felt great every single time, and after a while I could sometimes even bring her to an orgasm. One day, she wasn't there anymore. I was devestated. I figured whoever 'owned' her had sold her, and I looked around everywhere to see if I could find her. Some years later I had stopped searching for her, I got married to a lovely woman named Lisa and bought a house with a piece of land close to the town I used to live. Then, I saw her. An advert in the newspaper - the description could only be her. I called, I visited and bought her. It was amazing - instantly, the mare recognised me. Rarely had I ever seen someone so happy, and the same could probably be said about me. Only then did the salesperson tell me what kind of horse she was, an American Shetland. I told my wife the truth about what had happened between me and the mare many years ago, and I was amazed to hear she too had some experience with horses. I knew she was into zoophilia, she had told me and I had told her - it was the base of our relationship - but neither of us had ever told the whole truth. We had enough land to build a stable, and not long after it was complete I bought an American Shetland stallion. For the mare and for my wife. Life couldn't be more perfect.
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